Introduced BYSJU: Patrick Mason

Introduced BYSJU: Patrick Mason

In our next Introduced BYSJU we have had the pleasure to talk to our friend, fashion designer and influencer Patrick Mason. Patrick lives in Berlin and has been our inspiration ever since we have discovered him earlier this year. He is the CEO and Creative Director of his own label Maison Mason, having a very unique online presence that led him to be the face of many labels, the most recent one being the iconic Buffalo London


If someone had asked you what do you do, what would be your reply?
I would tell them that I’m a creater of arts. Cause that is my passion. It doesn’t matter if it’s clothes, music, productions or brand concepts. It all comes together as presenting a piece of my mind and how I see things. My purpose is to inspire people with what I do. 

You run your own fashion label Maison Mason, can you tell us a little bit about its aesthetics and what the brand is about?
My brand is all about not conforming to society and its regulations. My clothes are fit for men and women. To polarize and really reflect your inner self. Exploring yourself and your body, lifting the borders of masculinity and femininity. Everything is one. 

Berlin is your hometown. What is your relationship with the city?
I’m in berlin for almost 7 years now, and so far the city made me to the man I am now. I got incredibly inspired by its inhabitants - creatives from all over the world gather here to exchange their ideas and creations. It’s a wonderful place to learn and to get inspired. 

With having such a busy life, how do you find the work/life balance
Well, I’m still looking for that balance. Up to now i’m still drowning in work and endless projects which I take on to even the path for my future. Up to this date I haven’t had a proper vacation in 7 years. What keeps me going are my regular dance sessions on Sunday at Berghain and my incredible friends and family who are always right by my side.

You are also a very talented dancer. To what extent does music influence your life and what you do.
Music has been in my live as long as I remember. Growing up to the pumping sounds of Michael Jackson, Prince and Janet Jackson, I was dancing even before i was able to walk. So it came only natural that I linked music to my other expressing art forms. I do my own choreography at my runway shows for example. Art, Music, Dance, Fashion - all four go hand in hand and complete the circle. Since two years I also started to Dj. From Chicago House and Disco over Techno, the power of music and what it does to people is more than fascinating. It can be the cure to almost everything.

We met at the Koening Gallery for our photoshoot during Jeppe Heins exhibition I SEE. In this exhibition he chalenges us to look around and really observe things, to see things we usually don’t notice in our everyday life. Have you recently had a revelation like this? That you started noticing things you haven’t before?
I’ve always been an observer. Noticing things someone would only recognize by looking very carefully is kind of my strong suit. I’m also a very visual person. So I’m very intrigued by my surroundings and especially the pulse of a big city. 



Patrick is wearing The Yellow design from the SHAPES Collection.
For more on Patrick, follow him on Instagram.
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