We were lucky to meet with Asianna on her last day in London, just before she flew back to her hometown LA. After spending a few weeks in the city, she developed a strong liking for the place, and when asked if she could live here she very quickly said yes. Adding a few seconds later "I would miss the beach though". Growing up in Long Beach, Asianna started modelling just a little while ago, and her authenticity and consciousness of her place in the world were something that is always exciting to experience. Modelling for her is merely a resource for greater self realisation, which is writing music and rapping; and as she says "anything else that I will set my mind to along the way".

Tell us a bit about yourself and when did you start modelling? 
I grew up in Long Beach and LA is my place. I started modelling pretty recently...I'm still very new to the game. I've been signed for over a year. I always wanted to do it but never knew what the correct steps were. Someone noticed me and photographed me. They helped me send my pictures to agencies and I got signed.

How does your ordinary day when you're in LA look like?
When I'm not working I'm spending time with my family. I love hiking and just being on the beach or creating music. I write poetry and rap. Those are my hidden talents.

Tell us something about your tattoos.
I started very early, when I was about 14.

Early adopter! Anything else you want to say about them?

Not really. That's it haha. Will save it for later.

Haha, fair enough. When you create, how does that process work?
It's always magical. I try to do everything with passion so it's a feeling I can't really explain or elaborate on.

Makes sense. It's always a tricky question because we're not looking for an answer "I pick up a pen and paper and start writing". There's more to every creative process than what the analytical mind can see. 
What is your approach to life?
Love more. That's my approach to life. And that you can become anything you want to be. I want to inspire people to live a life they really want to live.

Your favourite artist/most inspiring person at the moment.
I don't have one. I'm not inspired by anyone at the moment.

Asianna is wearing The White design from our SHAPES Collection.
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