Introduced BYSJU: Matus The First

Introduced BYSJU: Matus The First

In our second episode of Introduced BYSJU on Netil Radio we had the pleasure to have a special guest with us, director and film maker Matus The First. Matus comes from Slovakia, studied in Berlin at the German TV and Film Academy Berlin (dffb), lived in New York, and recently moved to London to explore the world of photography as his new, still quite untouched, territory of interest. His SEX COMMERCIAL was shortlisted for Young Director Award 2015 in Cannes and he is currently working on his first featured film called Gun Fun.

Listen to what brings Matus to London, his story behind his artistic name "The First", and what is his take on the importance (or unimportance) of patience. 

And in between, some of our favourite music, from Sarah Chernoff, Pale Blue to Low Roar and more.

You can listen to all our music played on radio below, or by following us on Spotify at @BYSJU.

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